Cybernetic Angels, practice for Nobody's Indiscipline 2020 / Untouchable Version


Immanuel Kant says that angels, unlike humans, have no free will and John Milton says that they “can either sex assume, or both.” They move on paths they cannot choose, hermaphroditic cybernetic forces. Angels. Rainer Maria Rilke says that angels, whirling backwards and forwards in time, can’t tell whether they’re moving among the living or the dead. Because we move in time alongside the dead and the unborn, every decision we make among the living must be made in relation.

An angel is a messenger, crossing boundaries, transmitting information. All boundary-crossing is angelic ...


Curato e organizzato da: Annamaria Ajmone e Sara Leghissa.

Hanno partecipato: Annamaria Ajmone, Dyonisis Argyropoulous, Daniela Bershan, Rahel Barra, Deborah Birch, Alice Daneluzzo, Matteo de Blasio, Valentina Desideri, Rita Duina, Veza Maria Fernandez Wenger, Paola Granato, Catalina Insignares, Jacopo Jenna, Sara leghissa, Sara manente, Paola Stella Minni, Giulia Pallidini, Sarah Parolin, Livia Andra Piazza, Giulia Polenta, Petra Rocca, Glauco Salvo, Marcela Santander Corvàlan, Valerio Sirna, Stella Succi, Chiara Vacirca.

NOBODY’S INDISCIPLINE 2020/ UNTOUCHABLE VERSION è una piattaforma indipendente prodotta da Nobody’s Indiscipline e sostenuta da Triennale Milano Teatro, Ariella Vidach AIEP/DID STUDIO. Ospitato e sostenuto nella sua forma di NESSUNO/nobody’s party da COX18. Nobody’s Indiscipline fa parte del progetto Nobody’s Business immaginato da Eleanor Bauer, Alice Chauchat, Ellen Söderhult.


Image credits: Derek Jarman's Caravaggio and Robert Brain's Christ