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Contributing Artist


Performance developed icw FOS (Thomas Poulsen) 'Maggie Margaret Lives', fig-2, 41/50, ICA, London, 2016.


fig-2 41/50 FOS, 'Maggie Margaret lives' from fig-2 on Vimeo.


'Dances. Prayers. Antique Sweats.' Artistic contribution for FOS, 'Palimpsest – Hands Worn Smooth by Coins.' Nils Stærk gallery, Copenhagen, 2019.

'Dances. Prayers. Antique Sweats.' Artistic contribution for FOS, Hand Worn Smooth by Coins (London: InOtherWords, 2019)

'Maggie Margaret lives' and 'On a Memory Vessel on the Time Sea with FOS' Artistic contribution for FOS, Gestalt (London: InOtherWords, 2017)


FOS (a.k.a. Thomas Poulsen) was born in Denmark in 1971 and lives and works in Copenhagen. He is internationally acclaimed for his uncompromising artworks that investigate the crossroads between art and design. His recent projects and exhibitions include: the group exhibition "DON’T WORRY" at Kate McGarry Gallery, London; "Maggie Margaret lives" at fig-2, ICA Studio, London; participation in the group exhibition "Trust-The salon" at GL STRAND, Copenhagen; and the comprehensive solo exhibition "Koøje (Porthole)" at Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen. He designed the catwalk space for the SS16 collection from French fashion house Celine at Paris Fashion Week. Since 2013, FOS has been collaborating with Céline, developing a new body of work consisting of unique design and furniture items for Céline stores. FOS participated in the 54th Venice Biennale in 2011 with Osloo and as part of Speech Matters, Danish Pavilion.