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'Underwater', PSP, Pitch Festival, Melbourne: March, 2019.

With Alice Heyward, Megan Payne, Rowan Oliver, Sarah Aitken, Rebecca Jensen.


Deborah Birch & Alice Heyward, 'Do Nothing', Seventh Gallery, Melbourne: June, 2020.

Instead of a workshop, a listening. Rather than information, a feeling. A radio show for transitions and passings. For riding trains, riding bikes, walking, driving. While passing others, passing time. Let it go. Tune in, tune out. Do Nothing. We'll hold what remains.


SEVENTH Gallery · Do Nothing


Part of WoMBCAVE, an ongoing writing, reading and performance project by Deborah Birch and Alice Heyward. Do Nothing began with a series of conversations between Melbourne and Moree, based around original WoMBCAVE materials created in Berlin, July 2019.

Alice Heyward is a dancer, performer, choreographer and writer, working in Australia and Europe, based between Berlin and Melbourne. She currently lives in Berlin.